Dancing Daggers

Rarity: Mythic
Weapon Type: Dagger
Weapon Role: Mage
Obtain by: Dervish Class Weapon Reward
Weapon ID: 1254
Description: Deal [Magic + 5] damage to all Enemies. Knock 1-2 Enemies from first to last position.
Mana Color: Yellow
Mana Cost: 14
Spell Id: 8074
+1 Attack
+2 Attack
+4 Armor
+2 Attack
+1 Magic
Vital: Gain 4 Life
Venomous: Poison the first enemy
Enfeebling: Eliminate 2 Attack from the first Enemy
Treacherous: Deal 5 damage to the last enemy
Dust: Create a Duststorm

Kingdom: Drifting Sands
Kingdom Id: 3024