Dragonator 8000

Rarity: Mythic
Weapon Type: Missile
Weapon Role: Warlock
Obtain by: Mechanist Class Weapon Reward
Weapon ID: 1142
Description: Scientifically Burn, Freeze, Silence, and deal [Magic + 3] damage to random Enemies.
Mana Color: Brown
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 7338
+2 Armor
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
+1 Magic
Armored: Gain 4 Armor
Flaming: Burn the first enemy
Mechanical: Give all Mech allies 1 Armor
Striking: Deal 5 damage to the first enemy
Dwarven: Give all Brown Allies 2 Mana

Kingdom: Adana
Kingdom Id: 3001