Eye of Xathenos

Rarity: Legendary
Weapon Type: Jewellery
Weapon Role: Assassin
Obtain by: Soulforge
Weapon ID: 1104
Description: Deal [Magic + 6] damage to an Enemy, and steal 5 points from a random Skill. If the Enemy is Fey, deal triple damage.
Mana Color: Blue, Purple
Mana Cost: 15
Spell Id: 7240
+2 Armor
+4 Armor
+1 Magic
+4 Armor
+1 Magic
Fiendish: Create a Purple Gem
Leeching: Steal 2 Mana from the first enemy
Anti-Magic: Eliminate 1 Magic from the first Enemy
Ensouled: Gain 4 Souls

Kingdom: Khetar
Kingdom Id: 3020