Gems of War utilities!

Brought to you by Hoguns Guild and Taran.

Troop Spoilers       Weapon Spoilers       Pet Spoilers
Automatically pulls data from GoW to show you what might be coming.

Weekly Event Spoilers
Automatically pulls Weekly Event data showing you what might be coming.

Guild Rankings
Shows top 100 guild rankings and historical charts by guild. (updated every 30 min)

Guild Rankings Max
Shows hundreds of guild rankings and historical charts. (updated nightly)

Guild Wars Brackets
Shows hundreds of guilds and scores in many brackets. (updated once a week)

PVP Leaderboard
Shows top 100 PVP players current week and history.

Raid, Invasion, Faction & Bounty Leaderboard
Shows top 100 Raid, Invasion & Bounty players current week and history.

Chest, odds and history
Displays what is in each chest and the odds of getting it. Great to verify what's there.

SoulForge Legendary & Mythic History
Shows current and historical Legendary and Mythic troops in SoulForge.

SoulForge Summoning Stone History
Shows current and historical Summoning Stone troops in SoulForge.

Guild Masters:
API Guild Data and Discord bots
We have several tools just for guild masters. Please message me for more information.

Contact: Taran or Hoguns Guild on Discord.

Special thanks to Chris Jester-Young and Joko for their amazing help with
programming, KaisuiFox for translations and design assistance and
Lyya for her awesome website and API's which has made this possible.